Coffee Bar Seattle is a startup located in North Beacon Hill (Seattle) with a passion for making handcrafted self-care products from recycled goods.
Kyle Anderson, Maker & Owner, stands in front of blue neon Coffee Bar Seattle signage
Our seasonal soaps, candles, and other products are all inspired by our favorite local coffee shops and flavors from their menus.

When Kyle Anderson started working from home during the pandemic, he was inspired to start a side project. "I noticed how much coffee I was taking to the compost bin and wondered if I could do something fun with it." And it wasn’t long before the Coffee Bar Seattle LLC was born.

"I didn't know much about the process behind soap when I started. But as with anything, if you do it enough times – you get better. I'm making quite a bit lately."

Coffee Bar soap isn't like other soaps. It has a charmingly gritty texture that makes it perfect for exfoliating in the shower. Use it to wake up from head to toe.